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They screen and select reviews they want posted. No point in posting complaint as I did and post did not appear. This place is pathetic. Their way or no way, but they ensure to take your initial visit money and then 'tell' you what they are willing to do. Very unimpressed and will be sending formal complain to College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario
rob stiff
Pathetic is an understatement. We took our 5 year old daughter to Park Place with the understanding that they were open Saturday's. We completed the initial exam and when we went to book our first visit we were advised that they could not provide us with a Saturday appointment as the dentist is not comfortable with the procedure (this is a childs dentist office, why would all dentist working here not be competent to complete the procedures?). They claimed that is always preferred that the dentist that completed the initial exam should be the one that is ...
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scheduled as they have their notes. We then scheduled a consultation to review the work to be performed. To our surprise, it was another dentist reviewing the note contrary to their comments. So her first appt was booked and we chose for personal reasons not to have our child put under instead chose nitrous (I'm sure we are not the only parents that have serious concerns about anesthesia. Our daughter did quite well but did start to get uncomfortable at the end of the procedure and started to cry. The dentist made no attempt to relax and comfort our child, which I suspect was because they had reached the time allotted for this visit. When we went to schedule the follow-up, we were advised that they are not prepare to complete the work, unless of course we chose anesthesia (not happening). So time to report this concern and send formal complain to Royal College of Dental Surgeons as this is unacceptable. They accepted our business and unless we comply with how they want to proceed they are not willing to go forward. There is much more to complain about including how they provide quotations, their personal input on our decisions that did not agree with their position etc. DO NOT GO TO THIS DENTIST. THEY CARE ABOUT YOUR CHILD AS LONG AS YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY TOP DOLLAR AND FOLLOW THEIR RECOMMENDATIONS IRRELEVANT OF YOUR PERSONAL CONCERNS. PATHETIC and this will be escalated and shared with whomever will listen. Hope this review is read by many when considering this office as their local dentist....
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rob stiff
The kids have a great experience every time they come for their check-ups. The staff are compassionate, caring and work well with kids. The youngest of the three enjoys the visit as well.
Amanda Jobe
Parkplace provides a very comfortable atmosphere for kids to feel comfortable. They welcome you the minute you walk in. My kids always enjoy visiting!!!
Ann saunders
Dr Christina and her staff are professional, caring, considerate and they treat their patients like they are family.
Michelle Rowe
I\'ve been to different dental offices but this one is the best of them. My doctor, Cristina is the nicest! I love their play area. The staff are wonderful and friendly! I always look forward coming to this place....
Esmon Aba
We\'ve been coming here since the first week they\'ve opened, staff is amazing with kids and always smiling. The kids feel comfortable with them and that makes a trip at the dentist so much easier.
Manon Cote
We are new but Katie loves it here. Everyone is friendly and kind,and understanding . Katie has medical concerns and the staff makes the grown ups at ease. Thanks so much.
John simms
It\'s always a great experience at Park Place junior! They are extremely nice and great with our kids even in difficult situations. I highly recommend Park Place!
very friendly staff make coming fun for the kids. Maryanne is fantastic with the kids
Shirley Graham
Excellent service, love how my children are treated from the moment you walk in the door, my children love visiting the dentist because all of the staff make my children feel special. Keep up the great work
Excellent service. Very friendly environment. I like how things are explained to the child patient in order for them to become more comfortable and knowledgable in the process. I would love to have the children shown by the professionals how to care for their teeth at home and school possibly in a workshop or two
Simonne Vilchez
The atmosphere is bright and friendly. The staff are so nice, cheerful and friendly. I loved the way they dealt with my daughter, she was comfortable and not scared. Everything was done so fast. Amazing would recommend this place to anyone with kids!!
Mesha Richards
At Parkplace they treat the children like children and have pretty much figured out how to get the children to do what they need. Also, their payment options are very affordable and they don\'t judge you. I honestly have no complaints. I think everything works well.
Marcius Munroe
You are a good influence bribing kids with prizes. Daniel - 10 years old. As a parent, I can say that my children have good experiences at Parkplace Junior Dentistry. The dentist and technician make the kids comfortable so they are not scared to have their teeth cleaned. Thank you all.
Walter heird
Would highly recommend! Excellent with explaining the process to my child. Very glad I decided to bring my daughter here and will come back:) All staff are wonderful
Very friendly staff and comfortable environment for my daughter... Dr Kristine is so patient and understanding to my munchkins needs won\'t take her anywhere else
Nicole pettman
You guys did awesome
Dawn Thomson
Great with kids. I would recommend Park Place Junior to anyone.
It\'s was very fast. Friendly staff, great with the kids.
Jessica Cehajic